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Cake decorating supplies 

In addition to making celebration cakes for our customers we also provide cake decorating supplies to our customers who wish to create there own cake masterpeice 

We use culpitt as our main supplier for our cake decorating and sugercraft supplies. Culpitt Ltd is the leading UK wholesale supplier and manufacturer of cake decorating and sugarcraft products, which is why we insure our customers that their products are of the best quality.

To find out what we have in store then please contact us on 01275 818109

Please note, as we cannot stock all products some products will need to be ordered in and this can take up to two weeks depending on availability so prior notice is advised 

To browse the culpit website for all the products that we can supply please visit 

if you would like to order in a product from culpitt please take note of product codes on the culpit website as this will ensure we suply the correct product to you.

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